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Revelation can help guide the choices we make each day as we seek to live into the renewal that God has for the whole world.
Price: $8.99 / 9.98CDN
In nine lessons of the study, Dale Lindsay Morgan highlights Jesus' message of jubilee that calls for the reversal of the social order: the poor will be rich; the rich will be poor.
Price: $6.99 / 7.76CDN
This study will challenge you to ask, What am I called to do? Who am I called to be? What am I called to say?
By Carol M Bechtel
Price: $6.99 / 7.76CDN
An RCA Women's Bible Study of Our Call, the RCA's Ten-Year Goal to Revitalize Congregations and Begin New Congregations.
Price: $6.99 / 7.76CDN
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