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Volunteer Training [SYBATs)
Volunteer Training Pamphlets

This series of practical pamphlets helps members prepare to lead in various areas. Keep a supply on hand to mail to volunteers or to use in training sessions.

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Practical tips for extending hospitality to visitors.
By Cindy K Holtrop
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
Tips to help volunteers prepare to lead in prayer.
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
This booklet is a great resource for learning how to structure a visit, what to say and do (or avoid doing), and how to comfort others with the love of God.
By Louis M Tamminga
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
This booklet helps adults develop effective mentoring relationships with teens or young adults.
By Jeff Stam
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
Tips to help volunteers prepare to read the Word of God in worship.
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
How to structure a church nursery program and minister to the children who use it.
By Carol Evenhouse
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
An excellent resource for first-time Sunday school leaders.
By Jessie Schut
Price: $4.49 / 5.61CDN
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