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These resources are recommended and/or produced by the Safe Church Ministry Office. Faith Alive handles the fulfillment of these items.

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This booklet answers your questions about emotional abuse, including what the Bible says about it and how a church can respond.
Price: $.99 / 1.24CDN
Helps churches and nonprofit organizations develop policies and procedures to protect children and youth.
By Beth A Swagman
Price: $24.99 / 31.24CDN
This humorous, practical, and honest book helps teens think about sexuality and relationships as God created them to be.
By Ron DeBoer
Price: $12.99 / 16.24CDN
Use this 8-minute DVD to introduce the book Questions from the Pickle Jar to your youth group and set the stage for honest conversations about Christian sexuality.
By Ron DeBoer
Price: $11.49 / 14.36CDN
Set includes one copy of the book Questions from the Pickle Jar and one copy of the introductory 8-minute DVD.
By Ron DeBoer
Price: $22.99 / 28.74CDN
A handbook to help pastors and other church leaders respond to and prevent domestic violence.
By Beth A Swagman
Price: $24.99 / 31.24CDN
Sale Price: $8.00 / 8.00CDN
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