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Disability Resources - no friendship stuff

Disability Resources - no friendship stuff

Resources for inclusive ministry, Christian education, and accessible construction.

Other resources are also available from the CRC's Office of Disability Concerns.

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-399-0 $7.50 $9.98 CDN 3/13/2008

A Compassionate Journey

Coming Alongside People With Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses

One of every five people lives with chronic illness or disability and the social isolation that oft...

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-750-9 $30.00 $39.90 CDN 8/31/2012

Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are part of God's family, but people don't always treat them that way. I...

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Inclusion Handbook

Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves

Knowing the particular disability a person lives with will help churches better to understand and h...

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-262-7 $15.00 $19.95 CDN 6/30/2006

Learning Disabilities and the Church

Including All God's Kids in Your Education and Worship

A practical manual provides encouraging, vital information about how children with LD and ADHD are ...

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