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Disability Resources - no friendship stuff
Disability Resources

Resources for inclusive ministry, Christian education, and accessible construction.

Other resources are also available from the CRC's Office of Disability Concerns.

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A guidebook to help congregations care for people dealing with disabilities and other long-term needs.
By John Cook
Price: $7.49 / 8.31CDN
A tool for congregations reaching out to people with developmental disabilities.
Price: $24.99 / 25.74CDN
Now newly revised, this book gives you practical tips for helping students welcome children who have disabilities into their classes at church or at school.
By Barbara J Newman
Price: $29.99 / 33.29CDN
This how-to book gives readers workable strategies and photocopiable forms for identifying indicators of welcome, encouraging community outreach, and gathering important information about the support needs of people with disabilities and their families.
By Erik Carter
Price: $24.99 / 27.74CDN
This booklet helps church leaders and members welcome and engage people with disabilities in the life of the church.
Price: $5.99 / 6.65CDN
A practical manual to help your church serve children and youth with learning disabilities and ADHD.
By Cynthia Holder Rich, Martha Ross-Mockaitis
Price: $14.99 / 15.44CDN
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