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Historical Series

Historical Series

Resources recommended and/or produced by ministries of the Reformed Church in America. Faith Alive handles the fulfillment of these items.

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A New Way of Belonging

Covenant Theology, China, and the Christian Reformed Church

"As someone who spent much of my childhood on the mission field described in this book, I anticipat...

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By Grace Alone

The story begins in Europe, with a brief history of the church out of which the Reformation grew. T...

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Constitutional Theology

Notes on the Book of Church Order of the Reformed Church in America

One of the RCA's foremost researchers offers commentary that explains the proper roles of elders, d...

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Holland, Michigan

From Dutch Colony to Dynamic City

Holland, Michigan: From Dutch Colony to Dynamic City is a fresh and comprehensive history ...

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Loyalty and Loss

The Reformed Church in America, 1945-1994

Offering a meticulously researched yet also deeply personal history of the Reformed Church in Ameri...

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The Not-So-Promised Land

The Dutch in Amelia County, Virginia, 1868-1880

After establishing a successful Dutch colony in Holland, Michigan, in 1847, Albertus Van Raalte tur...

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Oepke Noordmans

Theologian of the Holy Spirit

Oepke Noordmans was one of the major Dutch theologians of the twentieth century, whose recovery of ...

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Pioneers to Partners

The Reformed Church in America and Christian Mission with the Japanese

Beginning with Japan's early exposure to Christianity by the very successful Roman Catholic mission...

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Sing to the Lord a New Song

Choirs in the Worship and Culture of the Dutch Reformed Church in America, 1785-1860

"David Tripold has written an engaging and wide-ranging book using the institutional choir as a len...

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