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Faith Alive Shopping Cart
Preorder at for $60 US per set (a $40 savings) and get FREE shipping (US and Canada). A newly revised set of 52 colorful storybooks designed for children ages 2-3. A meaningful way to nurture faith at home and at church!
By Patricia L Nederveld
Price: $100.00 / 111.00CDN
Each card offers a colorful illustration on one side and the text from the storybook on the other.
By Patricia L Nederveld
Price: $10.00 / 11.11CDN
This Bible is designed especially for early readers (ages 6-9) who are ready to explore the Bible on their own.
Price: $27.99 / 31.07CDN
Based on 36 stories from Genesis through Acts, Play leads you and the four- and five-year-olds in your Sunday school, home school, preschool, or daycare on a joyful discovery of God's love.
By Patricia L Nederveld
Price: $124.99 / 138.74CDN
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