God Wins Session Guide

A Look at the Mysteries of Revelation

The session guide for the Revelation Bible study God Wins includes activities and discussion questions for each session.

By: Lew Vander Meer

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  • 8/14/2009
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"A woman in my first congregation refused to even consider studying Revelation. "It creeps me out," she declared. "If there is a good ending, I'll find out in heaven!" I wish I could introduce her to Lew Vander Meer's wonderful new study God Wins! Solid interpretation of Scripture is offered in a winsome, approachable way from deep within the Reformed tradition. This kind of accessible biblical mentoring helps contemporary people own the promise and hope of Revelation. The materials are clear, easy to use, and teacher- friendly. There's nothing fancy about this study—just eight weeks of straightforward teaching that will deepen the faith of disciples and intrigue people who are new to the Bible—whether or not they are new to the to the church." —The Reverend Dr. Paul Detterman Executive Director, Presbyterians for Renewal

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