Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

In this revised version of Origins, physics professors Loren and Deborah Haarsma explore what God's Word and God's world teach us about creation, evolution, and intelligent design.

Deborah B Haarsma
Loren D Haarsma
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"For conservative Christians . . . 'Origins,' by Deborah and Loren Haarsma, [is an] accessible and reassuring read."
Francis Collins
Director of the National Institutes of Health
Author of "The Language of God,"
New York Times Sunday Book Review, July 28, 2013

"Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design carefully and thoughtfully explains the diversity of views Christians hold regarding science and faith. The Haarsmas do not hesitate to show how some of these positions are more consonant with our current scientific knowledge than others, and they discuss the special theological challenges each position presents. Meanwhile, the authors stress the importance of a worldview that unifies Christians in recognizing God as not only the Creator but also the Sustainer who underpins science. The Haarsmas masterfully link this to the awe and humility needed to appreciate God as author of the "book" of nature as well as the book of Scripture."
Robert Kaita, physicist
Princeton University

"Messiah College pioneered the multiple models approach to teaching Christian students about origins, and this is the book we are now using very successfully in the most popular course on our campus. The Haarsmas approach this very controversial topic with a perfect mix of scientifically and biblically accurate information, theological depth, intellectual modesty, and a charitable spirit toward views they do not share themselves. Pastors, laypeople, and scientists will all find much to value here."
Edward B Davis, PhD
Distinguished Professor of the History of Science
Messiah College

"Origins, Revised presents a perspective on origins of the universe, the earth, life on earth, and of humans that is faithful to the Bible and to science. In an easy to understand style of writing, the Haarsmas' provide a valuable resource for schools, churches, and anyone interested in origins."
Randall D Isaac
Executive Director
American Scientific Affiliation

"The Haarsmas provide a comprehensive perspective on science and its challenges viewed through a lens of firm belief in God, which illuminates the issues and offers straight ways forward. Christians will be encouraged by their faithful and convincing approach."
Daniel M. Harrell, PhD
Senior minister of Colonial Church, Edina, Minnesota
Author of Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith

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