Shaped by God

Twelve Essentials for Nurturing Faith in Children, Youth, and Adults

What is faith nurture? How does it happen? Twelve experts share their perspectives on faith formation.

By: Robert J Keeley

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"Shaped by God is a terrific new resourcethat blends 21st century thinking in faithformation with effective practices to enhanceevery congregation's faith formation efforts. The 12 chapters live up to their billing—they present "essentials" for faith formation today byby offering a comprehensive vision that includesworship and sacraments, Christian practicies, family and intergenerational approaches, spirituality, and the postmodern context, amongits themes. Church staff and faith formation leaders should take the time to study and discussthe chapters in this book and use the authors' wisdom to develop strategies for strengtheningand expanding their faith formation with all generations in the congregation and at home."—John Roberto, LifelongFaith Associates;Editor, Lifelong Faith Journal

"Shaped by God is a helpful, faithfulcollection of short, introductory essays on faithfaith formation or Christian nurture highlyrecommended for beginners."—(Rev. Dr.) John Westerhoff, retiredEpiscopal priest and Duke University professorof theology and Christian nurture

"Shaped by God gathers into one bookthe central insights of many of today's mostimportant Protestant leaders in faith formation. Excellent essays on a variety of approaches will be helpful to Christian educators in schools, congregations, colleges, and seminaries—and will remind them and other readers of the vital importance of their work."—Dorothy C. Bass, Valparaiso Project onthe Education and Formation of People in Faith

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