My Business, My Mission

Fighting Global Poverty through Partnerships

This book will inspire you to join the ranks of people who are fighting global poverty—one partnership at a time.

Doug Seebeck
Timothy Stoner
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  • 5/5/2009
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  • 6 x 9
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"These stories will inspire, challenge, encourage, and equip you to join God in his amazing work through the 'business as mission' movement." —Dr. Ken Eldred, author of God is at Work

"This book will challenge and change you. If youequate business owners or entrepreneurs with greed and self-interest, you will be surprised. Ifyou are a Christian who believes a weathy personis incapable of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, you will be enlightened. If you are convinced the rich care nothing for the poor and cannot play a signifiant role in helping overcome world poverty,this book will be a revelation."—Richard M. DeVos, co-founder of the AmwayCorporation, from the book's foreword

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