Dwelling: Helping Kids Find a Place in God's Story

This teacher's aid offers practical ideas, tips, and encouragement for Dwell leaders.

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By: Jessie Schut

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  • 7/18/2011
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"From the lovely photo on the cover to the inexpensive price-tag, from the short chapters to the clear prose, this book just cries out to be bought in bulk and shared with everybody and anybody who teaches Sunday school or works with children at your church. This is CE 101, which oodles of touching chapters covering nearly everything anyone would need to know to be a better church school educator. From stages of faith development to multiple intelligences, from how to pray with children to the role of creativity and arts, from dealing with unruly kids to helping students learn the Bible, there is just great, solid, helpful, basic, good information. It was developed to be used with the Christian Reformed Church's Dwell curriculum but it mentions that only rarely in passing, to it is truly good for any Protestant congregation. Very nicely done."
Byron Borger
Hearts & Minds Bookstore

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