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Kid Connection

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Kid Connection is being retired on June 30, 2023. Read the announcement. For our new multi-age Sunday School curriculum, check out Dwell Flex.

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-376-1 $10.00 $12.60 CDN 6/24/2010

Kid Connection Y4 Q1 Family/Student Magazine (set of 3)

These magazines help reinforce lessons at home and connect with families.

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-377-8 $20.00 $25.20 CDN 7/2/2010

Kid Connection Y4 Q1 Leader's Guide

Includes 12 easy-to-use large and small group sessions.Unit 1: Ready, Set, Go!Unit 2: Lost a...

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-379-2 $60.00 $75.60 CDN 7/6/2010

Kid Connection Y4 Q1 Program CD

This innovative, multi-format CD contains printable lesson activities in PDF format and music for u...

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-378-5 $18.00 $22.68 CDN 7/2/2010

Kid Connection Y4 Q1 Reproducibles

A hard copy book for photocopying activity pages. PDFs are included on the Program CD. Only avai...

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Add to Shopping Cart $3.00 $3.78 CDN 9/2/2010

Kid Connection Y4 Song Lyrics (Download)

Download and print all Kid Connection Year 4 lyrics for any songs not available in Sing W...

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