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Discover Easter (2nd) Leader Guide

Looking for Jesus

Available in print and digital. There's more to Easter than bunny rabbits and colo...

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Discover the Power of Forgiveness Leader Guide

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

When a root of bitterness springs up over wrongdoing, it can grow deep in the human heart. When rel...

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Dive Devotions

If you're a teen, this book is for you. Whether you're reading this book on your own or as part of ...

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366 Daily Devotional Readings

Over the past thirty years, thousands of readers have used Twilight for their personal dev...

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Add to Shopping Cart 978-1-59255-301-3 $15.00 $20.70 CDN 2/1/2008

Were You There? (Easter Book 4)

Through eyewitness accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection children in grades K-8 learn how much ...

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