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Christmas: Light Splits the Night

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Gifts and decorations? Family parties and high-calo...

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Discover Genesis 12-25 Study Guide

The Story of God's Promises

Promises give hope. They give stability in a world of uncertainty. This second part of Genesis, cha...

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God Loves Me Storybooks (Revised Edition)

The Bible in 52 Storybooks

This set of 52 colorful storybooks, designed for children ages 2-3, is a meaningful way to nurture ...

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God With Us

A Christmas Play for Children

In this drama, a teacher sends students to different rooms to look at stories of exile: Adam and Ev...

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The Promise Keeper (Christmas Book 4)

At Christmas God kept his promise to send Jesus, his Son, to the world as Savior, Redeemer, and Fri...

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WE: The Unshakeable Promise

The Bible tells us of many covenants made between God and his people. Discover what covenants are a...

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