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Discover Your Bible Studies

These studies help everyone—from new believers to mature Christians—discover the richness of God's Word through Bible discovery.

Discover Your Bible comes in two different formats for your convenience: printed books and a digital printable format. To order digital printable studies, in English or Spanish, go to

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Spanish Studies
Discover Ruth, Spanish (digital)
Discover Luke Part 1, Spanish (digital)
Discover Luke Part 2, Spanish (digital)
Discover Luke Part 3, Spanish (digital)
Discover Luke Part 4, Spanish (digital)
Discover Colossians, Spanish (digital)
Discover Comfort, Spanish (digital)
Discover the Fruit of the Spirit, Spanish (digital)
Discover the Power of Forgiveness, Spanish (digital)

Old Testament Studies
Discover Genesis Part 1 (print and digital)
Discover Genesis Part 2 (digital)
Discover Exodus Part 1 (print)
Discover Exodus Part 2 (print)
Discover Joshua Part 1 (digital)
Discover Joshua Part 2 (digital)
Discover Judges (print)
Discover Ruth (print and digital)
Discover 1 Samuel (print)
Discover 2 Samuel (print)
Discover Esther (digital)
Discover Isaiah (print and digital)
Discover Nehemiah (print and digital)
Discover Jonah (print and digital)

New Testament Studies
Discover Mark Part 1 (print and digital)
Discover Mark Part 2 (print and digital)
Discover Luke Part 1 (digital)
Discover Luke Part 2 (digital)
Discover John Part 1 (print)
Discover John Part 2 (print)
Discover Acts Part 1 (print)
Discover Acts Part 2 (print)
Discover Acts Part 3 (print)
Discover Romans Part 1 (print)
Discover Romans Part 2 (print)
Discover Ephesians (print and digital)
Discover Philippians (print)
Discover Colossians (print and digital)
Discover 1&2 Thessalonians (print and digital)
Discover Titus and Philemon (print)
Discover Hebrews (print)
Discover James (digital)
Discover 1&2 Peter (digital)
Discover 1 John (digital)

Topical Studies
Discover 1 Corinthians, Wisdom for Living (digital)
Discover 2 Corinthians, The Abundant Life (digital)
Discover Comfort (digital)
Discover Easter (print and digital)
Discover Elijah and Elisha (print)
Discover the Fruit of the Spirit (print and digital)
Discover the Gift of Christmas (print and digital)
Discover the Joy of Sharing Jesus (print)
Discover the Parables of Jesus (print)
Discover the Power of Forgiveness (print)
Discover Psalms, Hope When We're Hurting (digital)
Discover Prayer (digital)
Discover the Sermon on the Mount (print)

Free Stand Alone Lessons
Looking for one lesson to try Discover Your Bible or to fill in an extra week of study? Go to to order these free stand alone lessons.

Discover the Guardian-Redeemer
Discover Psalms 4-5: Beginning and Ending the Day
Discover the Twenty-Third Psalm
Discover New Life in Christ: Selections from Colossians

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